Zafu and Zabutons are not just meditation cushion, they have been used for centuries by people with bad backs, healing back aches and to correct the posture. Use these cushions not just while meditating, but also to correct back aches, in-correct posture and aligning the spine.

Why everyone should own a pair of Zafu  (the small round cushion) and Zabuton (the bigger more flatter cushion)?

Ever tried sitting in the correct posture of straight, un-hunched shoulders and elongated back without having a back support? Most of us cannot do it and will have an aching back within minutes of attempting to do so. Zafu and Zabutons are specialty cushions that have been used while doing yoga and meditation for centuries and to correct posture to ensure no hunch develops in the spine in the later part of life.

Your search for spiritual enlightenment will fail if your back is aligned incorrectly or you suffer an injury to your back or have terrible discomfort, as these problems will distract you during meditation.  The “meditation or the lotus pose” is easily recognized, so much so that it has become an icon. Every day in print media about any subject, advertisers find ways to depict people sitting in a somewhat cross-legged position or on a chair with straight shoulders and elongated spine without any back support and a blissful expression on their face.

The truth is, this position is neither healthy, nor sustainable. It takes so much effort to hold this pose that it won’t last a second longer than it takes to click the shutter. The reason: while sitting on a flat surface or a back support we tend to hunch our shoulders and bend our back which causes strain on the spine. For a few of us who do not succumb to the body’s natural inclination to hunch,  the muscular of the front torso has to strain to keep the body from collapsing backward which is again not very healthy.

If more people realized that there is a way to sit without back support that is not only effortless, but increases the power of concentration, lowers heart rate, decreases blood pressure, deepens breathing, and stimulates the ‘relaxation response’, they would probably give it a try.

Your energy must be free for circulation throughout your body during meditation. A proper yoga and meditation cushion will allow these spiritual and physical dynamics to occur.

How do Zafu and Zabutons work?

Meditation cushions provide needed support so your body can achieve the best and most healthy spinal alignment and posture possible. The practitioner over time learns to tuck in their lower back and to keep the spine in a straight line. Curving out the upper back and gently tucking in the neck, with the head held as if balancing a book on top of the head, allows for the best posture. Spinal stress is minimized and one’s sitting sessions are more effective, reducing potential physical harm. They also provide a much needed support and cushion for your ankles and knees making it easier on the joints.

Use this set while watching TV, reading a book or just meditating for a few minutes or hours’ every-day and your posture will be corrected in no time at all. What’s more, taking time out to meditate for a few minutes every-day will you with the much needed “me” time to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

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How to use Zafu and Zabuton?

Place the Zafu on top of the Zabuton, using the Zafu to cushion your pelvis and the zabuton to cushion your ankles and knees. Together they will assist in aligning your posture, providing you back support without the need for one and align your spine.

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