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our philosophy
making yoga, meditation and spirituality painless, fun and comfortable
most people view yoga and spirituality as a sacred circle which few dare enter. there seems to be a million rules to live by; you either have to go all the way or don’t even try; you should be as flexible as the rubber band and you have to give up the finer things in life. phew!

you should be the judge of how you want to express your spirituality, how frequently do you want to meditate, or how many times do you want to practice yoga, all this while using the correct accessories, looking stylish and smiling without breaking a sweat

we love all things india… and get our inspiration from the colours and vibrancy of the land of the yogis.  as you can imagine, we visit india…alot… meeting suppliers, designing bags and sourcing new and interesting yoga related products

our ethics
our ethics of honesty, long term relationships and striving towards sustainability are the guiding principles of our business.
honesty with our customers and suppliers is one of the most important virtues in our business. we will give you all the information we have about our products which we believe is correct to the best of our knowledge, be frank and admit our mistakes when we mess up and more importantly work towards building long term relationship with you.

we are not in the business to make a quick buck! we want to create long term relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

we want to use resources in a sustainable way and use sustainable solutions by using recycled paper and packaging and eco-friendly/bio-degradable products as far as possible.

we are not perfect but we want to continue getting better at doing our business in a more enlightened way.

our products
we specialize in creative, limited edition yoga, spiritual and meditation designs which range from functional (accessories and props) to fashionable (bags, jewellery, scarves)
don’t you just hate it when the person next to you in yoga class has the same gear as you? we understand this and frequently renew our designs. majority of our products are limited designs which mean we introduce a fixed quantity into the market. some designs will however be present all year round and we will advise you of this during your online shopping experience.

we use our imagination to help promote peace and sustainability literally both on the mat and off. we work very closely with our designers and suppliers to design and test the product before it is introduced into the market. since a lot of products that you will see on our website will be new to you, we endeavor to provide extensive information on its features, its uses and how to choose one that is best suited to your needs

most of our products can be used in multiple ways for example, all mats can be used for yoga, meditation, pilates or even rugs on the floor. similarly, all our zafus and zabutons can be used as yoga/meditation props or just as cushions scattered around your place to bring sense of peace to your surroundings! try them and you will be converted

our predominant focus is finding products that are wholly or predominantly made of natural, eco friendly and/or bio-degradable materials. however, a small part of our product range will not satisfy these criteria. to this end, we will provide all information we have about all products which we believe to be true. once again, we will let you to decide what rocks your spiritual boat

we want to bring the best products to our customers even if it means paying more to source the best and not the cheapest product in the market.

if you have any doubts about any of our products or wish to source a product which is out of stock or not on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

our packaging
we want our packaging to have the lowest possible impact on the world around us.

to make this happen we try to do the following:

  • reduce:as little material as possible per pack
  • reuse:as much material as possible which means you could end up receiving your products in boxes that we have received other shipments in
  • recycle: we use as many recycled materials as possible.

there is always more work to do, so we will keep pushing on. if you’ve got any ideas about how we can improve our packaging, then please let us know at the details provided in the contact details section

so go on, explore, have fun and don’t forget to look fashionable while doing so. help us in our mission to bring spirituality into your life, one stylish accessory at a time

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