still using a shared yoga mat? here is why not to do it!

stinky matsa personal yoga mat is an important investment for your health. shared mats are a breeding ground for bacteria and you are never really sure who has really been on it. so what’s the point of doing yoga with a view to become healthy in body and mind yet use a mat that is damaging your health and the environment?

there are 2 major factors which advocate for the use of a personal mat versus a shared mat-spiritual and scientific.



the bhagavad-gita and many ancient scriptures state that one should meditate and practice on a firm seat that is clean – here clean not only refers to not being soiled with dirt but also clean of unspiritual vibrations of others.  the thoughts and life force emanating from an individual saturates the objects he uses and their dwelling as well.  this is why spiritual or holy place holds a certain higher vibration than say a super market store. it is better to bring your own yoga accessories when attending class.  this is not to say that others are projecting bad energy and that you should avoid them,  however, they may releasing emotional blocks or doing spiritual work of their own that will be absorbed by the objects that surround them.  if you use these objects after them, you may pick up some of these vibrations and will have to use your energy to release them.  by using your own accessories,  it will not only keep you from absorbing unspiritual vibrations and negative emotions left behind by others but it will allow you to increase the positive vibrations that you are building each time you meditate or practice yoga.


would you use a shared gym towel? then why would you use a shared mat which is used all the time by sweating people to stretch, work out classes, and walk over amongst others? how many times do you actually see the gym mats being cleaned before every new class? shared mats are one of the most common places people are likely to pickup fungi and skin infections from at a gym. they have a stench from repeated absorption of sweat and act as a breeding ground for infections like staph infection which can spread on contact and are antibiotic resistant. these nasty infections are incredibly difficult to kill and can cause small red bumps and itching. athletes foot is another common problem that spreads due to use of common mats (think of sweating, smelly feet on the mat). the best way to avoid these infections is to bring your own exercise mat instead of using shared mats at the gym and studio (there are some responsible ones that do clean them religiously for sake of their students) even if you are just using it for stretching and cool down. stocks a range of earth organic cotton yoga rugs , asoka eco yoga mats, anchor non slip yoga towels and aum natural mat cleaner spray in various price range that allows you to continue your practice without compromising on health. if you are in a situation where you must use a shared mat, our 100% natural mat cleaner spray can come to the rescue!

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