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Zen Meditation Cushion


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All meditation and yoga cushions can broadly be divided into zafus, zabutons and zen cushions.  The purpose of all these cushions is the same…. making you comfortable enough during your meditation practice so that you can get maximum benefit out of it!

Zen cushions are floor cushions used to provide comfort to your tush and thighs while sitting, meditating or practicing on the floor. since this cushion has straight edges, it will not interfere with the positioning of the heels.

The lift is not as high as the standard zafu and is preferred by those with greater flexibility or who are of average height or lower. The zen meditation cushion is often preferred by more experienced meditators.

  • 100 % printed cotton
  • dual colour charcoal and green flower design
  • eco-aware cotton filling
  • tufted design to avoid filling from shifting.
  • size: 70 cm x 70 cm

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