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Wooden Meditation Folding Bench – Poplar


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A wooden meditation bench is a small, portable seat designed to provide support and proper posture during meditation. It typically has a sloped seat and angled legs, which help keep the spine aligned and reduce pressure on the knees and ankles, making it easier to meditate for extended periods.

The sloped seat helps you sit up straight and comfortably, taking pressure off your ankles, legs, and knees. The special seat shape with smooth edges is gentle on your thighs. The legs are angled out a bit for extra stability and comfort.


  • Foldable and comes with a jute bag for easy carrying
  • Dimensions:  L480 mm x W135 mm x H165 mm
  • Wood:  Poplar
  • Will fit lightly built and flexible yogi’s

Please note: as this is a handmade product there may be minor differences in the wood grain and colour to those shown. 

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