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Palo Santo and White Sage Incense



Sacred Elements Palo Santo and White Sage are smudging incense sticks, made with traditional ingredients that have long been used for purification, healing and ceremonial purposes.

Palo Santo and white sage have both been used for centuries to clear away negative energies and purify people, objects and spaces. Together they make a powerful purifying incense that has a very nice fragrance. If you care about cleansing and clearing your space and you are looking to explore the world of smudging incense, the palo santo incense is a stunning incense to use.

Eco-friendly packaging and made from all natural ingredients. This high quality incense is made in India.  Includes one 15g packet.


  • Hand rolled, fresh incense perfect for clearing negative energies.
  • A pack contains: 15 grams incense sticks per pack
  • Each incense stick is 21cm long and fully sealed for freshness
  • Hand rolled in India
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