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Exciting news!! We have moved to a new location at A01 Woodlands House, Woodlands Road, Woodstock.

Not So Perfect Alignment Mat – Sale



Quality  is our highest priority.  We want you to have a mat that will last many hours of blissful practice.  We know that sometimes, price is the deciding factor.  However, it’s not so much about the way it looks but rather how the mat assists your practice.

That is why this Black Friday, we are offering a major discount on our ‘not so perfect’ yoga mats.

These mats are brand new, but did not make it all the way through our quality control.  All have some imperfections…whether its fine white line colour inconsistencies, a few scratches or marks attained during shipping.

Whatever flaws these mats have, they in now way impact on the insanely grippy, high performance features of these mats.

We hope this will give some more avid yogi’s the opportunity to experience these mats at a fraction of their normal retail price!


  • Alignment Performance mats
  • Size:  183 cm x 68 cm x 5 mm
  • Amazing grip!

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