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Meditation Shawl – White Tripple border


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A meditation shawl (also known as a prayer shawl) is essentially a light blanket which you use to cover and drape around yourself while meditating.  Besides the comfy feeling you get when wrapping yourself up in a gorgeous soft shawl, there are actually important reasons why a meditation shawl is so extremely handy when meditating!

  • When you meditate, your body remains still for longer periods of time.  As a result, you body cools more rapidly, which in turn will probably leave you cold and distracted.
  • A meditation shawl will keep your body comfortable, and your mind still.
  • A shawl can also help in focusing your mind, keeping it centered and aligned.

Our North Indian woolen handwoven shawls are are available in neutral colours, and features stunning zen border patterns.  Large enough to completely wrap around you, they are unisex and will make an amazing addition to your meditation practice.


  • Size:  210 cm x 101 cm
  • Made in Northern India
  • Dry cleaning recommended
  • They’re gorgeous…absolutely gorgeous!

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