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Maxi Zabuton – Navy Mandala Block Print


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What are zabutons?

Zafus provide you with the much needed support for the spine, thighs and tush, but by now you are probably also thinking about your poor aching knees and ankles, resting on the hard floor.

This is where the zabuton is a lifesaver. A zabuton (literally, a “sitting futon”) is a large flattish cushion that you place underneath your zafu. The zabuton provides a padded surface to cushion your ankles and knees and also to insulate you from the floor or ground.

Our maxi navy and white mandala block printed zabutons makes a perfect partner for your round or crescent zafu, but can also be used on it’s own as a meditation cushion.

We designed these mats with a removable 100% cotton exterior covering a tufted cotton /kapok wadding filled cotton canvas that provides ample support without being too hard.


  • Unique stunning design, block printed by hand
  • Eco- friendly 100% cotton premium quality fabric
  • 100% natural cotton filling
  • 100% Cotton canvas removable cover
  • Natural eco colour dyes – navy on white

Approximate Dimensions

  • Length: 95cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Height: 10cm

*Includes one zabuton (zafus are sold separately)

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