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Harmonizing mala – Kiwi Jasper


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Mala beads are truly soul jewelry. used for generations across all religions and cultures, they are used to set intentions, meditate, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy!

These beautiful beads reminds us that it is necessary to pause, breathe, and invest in moments of self-care and compassion.

Gemstone qualities :

Kiwi and Camel jasper are very nourishing, warm and protective stones, no matter what colour you find your jasper to be!  Jaspers are the nurturers, the healers, and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. With its protection and grounding properties, it harmonizes your emotions.  This stone aids in putting things behind you, moving forward and helps you to put things into perspective.

White Howlite is the ultimate calming stone.  Believed to relieve stress and anxiety, calm you overactive mind and wonderful for meditation and sleep.

Aquamarine is a stone that overflows with positive energy!  Washing away any stress and dark energies, it helps you raise the positive vibes in your life.


  • Each genuine gemstone is an 8mm beautifully carved round stone.
  • The mala measures about 55 cm from the top to the end of the tassel. Every mala is lovingly hand knotted with a 108 gemstone count and finished off with a brass round pendant in etiher aum or flower of life image at the end.
  • Features a gorgeous little brass hamsa pendant
  • Handmade in the Himalayas of India
  • *Please note that due to the handmade nature of the item, the aum pendant design might differ slightly

Care for your Mala

Store your mala carefully when not in use, and do not swim or bathe with the mala to ensure the thread retains its integrity.

Cleansing your Mala

Mala beads absorb energy, so cleanse them regularly.

  • Leave your mala in direct moonlight overnight
  • Burn sage near your mala

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