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Ayurvedic Yoga Mat Turmeric/Pink

R1,300.00 R650.00


the ayurvedic yoga mat  is the most natural earth & health friendly yoga mat on the plant,   and of course… eye catchingly beautiful!
handwoven from not only 100% organic cotton yarn, but also dyed naturally with health promoting plants & herbs.  this yoga mat is inspired by ayurveda and absolutely organic

• contains no chemicals or synthetics
• super convenient for the travelling yogi (weighing under 1 kg)
• foldable
• fully plant-based and bio-degradable
• standard size: 66 cm (w) x 182 cm (h)

the ayurvedic yoga mat was designed and woven to improve grip on the floor through its unique weave.  the underside of the mat has a 100% natural coating, hand-brushed with a fully natural rubber solution to ensure the mat grips the floor and doesn’t slip during practice.  the horizontal threaded lines provides your hands and feet with the required grip while doing asanas.  the ayurvedic yoga mat is dyed with various ayurvedic plants and herbs including tulsi, vetiver, curcuma, neem and turmeric

with our olive green and yellow ayurvedic mats, the primary herbs used are turmeric,  tulsi and vetiver.

in ayurveda, turmeric is said to be a purifying agent, purifying your energy system, and a great herb to inhale during your yoga practice.  tulsi (holy basil) improves respiration and reduces stress, helping your meditative state during yoga.  vetiver has antibacterial properties which are beneficial not only for the skin but also for the yoga mat itself.

available in 3 beautiful designs:  olive/turmeric, pink /grey and turmeric/pink.  please mention your preference when placing your order.

care instructions:

this mat is ready to use and need only to be washed once or twice a month if yoga are a regular practicing yogi

hand or machine wash on gentle cycle using a mild organic detergent



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