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Alignment performance mat – Green



Our asoka eco-friendly natural tree rubber and PU yoga alignment mat is perfect for beginner or advance yogis.

Alignment is made easy as the alignment lines guides you on your mat, easing you in to your yoga pose and serving as a visual reference for direction, angle, straightening and space. Our beautifully designed lotus flower is the centre of your mat and represents being grounded in earth and reaching towards the divine.

This mat consist of a 100% natural tree rubber base which gives your pose superior cushioning and a 1mm thin PU surface which provides you with a phenomenal grip.  the natural rubber base gives you just the right amount of cushioning and stability. The PU top layer is fully recyclable but only partly bio-degradable and should be disposed of in the correct manner.

The asoka alignment performance mats are non-toxic, free from PVC and contains no heavy metals, chlorides or phthalates which gives you the qualities for a sustainable yoga lifestyle.

Item specification:

  • free of harmful toxins
  • anti-slip surface
  • laser printed alignment lines
  • extra wide

Item dimensions:

  • length: 183cm
  • width: 68 cm
  • thickness: 5 mm
  • weight: 3 kg

Cleaning and care instructions:

All eco-Pu and natural tree rubber mats have an open cell structure, which means they are great at absorbing sweat, but also mean that they will absorb oils, lotions and make up which can cause stains .In order to prolong the service life and beauty of the mat, you must clean your hands before use, remove cosmetics or skin care products, so as to prevent oil from sucking into the mat and make the surface of the pad uncleanable.

To clean, dip a fabric towel or clean cloth—not a paper towel—into a mild dish soap and water. Choose a water-based, organic soap and avoid using to much of it. (Using to much dish soap and water particularly on natural rubber will clog the pores and will make the mat slippery) Wring out the towel, and wipe your mat very gently.

Your yoga mat will take a while to dry. Leave to air dry overnight before rolling or using. Do not fold or crease your mat. Do not put your mat into a washing machine or tumble dryer. Do not leave/store you mat in direct sunlight/heat and do not soak the mat with water.


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