yoga;the path to holistic health


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new in stock-this beautiful hardcover world famous book needs no introduction…in this comprehensive and highly illustrated guide b.k.s. iyengar, the world’s leading teacher of yoga, shares his unique, holistic approach.

he outlines the philosophy and ideals behind this ancient practice and explains how yoga can help to counter the stresses of modern living.

designed for every level of ability, age, and physical condition, there are detailed instructions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions explain how to perform each yoga asana, or posture, correctly, while a unique 360-degree view of the final pose shows exactly how to position each part of the body.

a special section introduces b.k.s. iyengar’s innovative use of props, enabling beginners or the less flexible to practice the classic yoga asanas more easily and effectively. a further section illustrates sequences of asanas to treat or prevent a wide range of ailments.

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