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a personal yoga mat is an important investment for your health. shared mats are a breeding ground for bacteria and you are never really sure who has really been on it. what’s the point of doing yoga with a view to become healthy in body and mind yet use a mat that is damaging your health and the environment? so get yourself one of ours 100% cotton yoga mats available in beautiful designs

  • free from pvc, biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • 100% organic cotton
  • app 195 cms x 66.04 cms, therefore suitable for the tallest of individuals.
  • machine washable, but hand wash highly recommended. light detergent ONLY, cold wash ONLY, no tumble dry. hang to dry. dyes may bleed slightly, because they are heavy metal/azo/lead free. please note that as your mat is made out of natural cotton fiber, just like your clothes, it will shrink slightly during the 1st wash. hand wash creates less friction and hence shrinkage is lesser as compared to machine wash. immediately hang to dry to fabric is stretched and shrinkage is minimal
  • suitable for all meditation, yoga and pilates types especially for hatha,vinyasa, astanga and bikram yoga
  • either use as it is, on top of another mat or after lightly misting surface.

to know more about why it is not a good idea to use a shared mat for yoga and pilates, please read here.

to know more about various types of mats and how to choose one that is best for you, please read here.


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