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silver pendant fairtrade OM heart



beautiful silver OM in my heart pendant . hand crafted in india by a master silver craftsman (in trade for over 66 years) this beautiful pendant is intricacy at its best. it will grace your neck beautifully or make a great present for someone you care. sourced directly from the maker and is fair trade

  • hand crafted
  • 3.5 cms in length and 2 cms in width approximately
  • price per piece

why not complement it with a handcrafted approximately 63 cms  long silver chain also available for sale on our website

care instructions

we recommend to use polishes containing tarnish preventive agents that allows your cleaning to last 6 – 8 weeks, and gives a brilliant showroom shine with minimal effort. silver in air tight cabinets, boxes and cases will stay sparkling tarnish-free for long periods.

  • to restore the luster, apply some polish with a damp sponge or soft cloth like flannel (never use paper towels – they’ll scratch). let polish dry. wipe off with damp sponge, soft cloth or even under running water. silver will be clear and shining and glittering.
  • when cleaning heavy tarnish, use a soft-bristled brush or clean cotton cloth/flannel cloth to dust the item as a first step. this is important since dust can scratch the finish if not removed before cleaning.
  • once all dust and wax are removed, wash the item by hand with warm water and a gentle dishwashing soap to remove any food and junk, but don’t soak the silver in water for any length of time. rinse the piece well with clean water, distilled is best, and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. a hair-dryer set on warm helps to dry hard-to-reach places.
  • if you use gloves, choose plastic gloves rather than rubber (rubber can react adversely with the silver)


please never let a baby or young child put your jewelry in their mouth as this could result to injury


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