sacred chants-forgiveness,unconditional love


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pure sanskirt chants – not meditation music

series 7 in the series of sacred chants, these aim at letting go, seeking forgiveness and experiencing unconditional love.

compositions of eminent saints and sages from india will transfer the listener to the altered states of consciousness experienced by these spiritual leaders themselves. by feeling one with the cosmic self, the listener’s mind is made to feel limitless and bolstered.

track list:
1. ganeshabhujangaprayatham 7:39
2. subramanyaashtakam 7:05
3. shri durgadevi dhyaan 7:53
4. aarayaadurgaashtakam 11:26
5. mahaamuneeshvara mantra 6:29
6. shaasthaashtakam 6:07

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